Paul Montoya Update
November 3, 2003
By Mary Jo Shelton

Today Paul is 35 days post bone marrow transplant and everything is going "pretty darn good." He and Francie have been living in a "half way house" since Paul was released from the hospital two weeks ago.  They have a small apartment very close to the hospital to facilitate quick intervention if needed.  Last Monday, Paul had a bone marrow aspiration and even though all the information is not back yet, it did not show any leukemia in his cells.  He continues to be under the watchful eye of his doctors and they are checking closely for GVH (graft versus host disease).  The stem cell graft from Paul's brother Danny can reject Paul and, as I understand it, the critical time for this is between 60 and 90 days post transplant.  According to Francie, if Paul demonstrates any signs of GVH they plan to put him on a promising new experimental drug.

So now comes the hardest part for Paul and Francie…….THE WAITING.  Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  With any luck Paul will be allowed to go to his sister's home in Denver soon and if all goes well….perhaps by spring they can come home.

Mike and I went to Denver yesterday, had lunch and spent a few hours with the Montoya's.  I thought Paul looked great!! Visitors are Welcome!! They love to see friends providing that you have had a flu shot and are not sick.  You can call Francie at 859-LAND if you are planning to visit and she can give you the shake down.

PS……there is a rumor that just maybe…they can come home for Christmas!!!