Warning to All Property Owners
In the Southeast Quadrant of the Ranch!
By Carol Rawle

Even though the rest of the SFTR has been annexed into the Fisher's Peak Fire District, the portion of the Ranch in the southeast quadrant has not. Currently this area, being outside the fire district, has no guarantee of protection in the event of a wildfire. So, if you own land, or a home in this area, you may be billed for the cost of fighting a fire in this area. The bill could end up being more than the value of your land! In addition, if the Fisher's Peak Fire Protection crew is unable to respond due to a call in a covered district, you could lose your investment and your lovely acreage or home.

If you are a property owner in this area of the Ranch, you will receive another mailing that will include a Petition for Inclusion of Lands in the Fisher's Peak Fire Protection District. If you have not already done so, it is of critical importance that you sign, and have notarized, this legal document. Then return it at once to the SFTR POA. Don't wait! Fire season is almost upon us!

Click here to see the list of lots for which the fire district has not yet received a petition. If you have not received one in the mail, we have provided a copy of this legal document.  (Click here to see all petition information including how to download the petition.)


For additional information you may contact:

Peggy Obrey: Bill Bumstead:
  303-368-0784   719-846-1022 or 846-1020

EVERYONE in the Southeast quadrant must apply to get the quadrant into the Fisher's Peak Fire District!

Please be a Good Neighbor!

Don't Delay!

List of Outstanding Lots

This list represents the lots for which a properly notorized petition has not been received.
List updated July 17, 2001

Unit 7
D59 Jenkins
D75 MacGregor
Unit 8
E18 Courdray
Unit 9
F5 Phalen/Como
F15 Pineda
F27 Fidler
F28 Robb
F33 Young
F38 Schertler
Unit 10
G5 Long
G13 Wright
G18 Briggs
G20 Guizar
G22 Miller