No Fire Protection?
By Paul Vircsik

Hi Neighbors,

Just a few thoughts about not having fire protection for your property.

If you start a fire on your land or home, and it travels to adjacent property, you are liable.

Let me explain. The fire in Jamul, CA, in December 2000 cost over 4 million dollars to fight, and we were lucky.  It only took 4 homes. If this happens on the Ranch and you don't have fire protection, you get to pay for the cost to put it out and whatever the home owners' insurance companies come after you for.

Also, think of how much larger that small fire will get racing across your land because the fire department won't set foot on it. Why not? Because they want to go home in the morning and hurting themselves on your land would make them liable for injury.

You also don't get to have emergency medical responses to your property for medical emergencies, accidents, rescues, etc. Explain that to your family members when they need it. Remember how easy it was to pick up the phone and dial 911 for almost anything? Forget it.  It doesn't exist.

But, hey I don't need the Fire Department for bare land.  And if I put a home on it so what.  I have insurance. Not necessarily.  Some companies will not insure without fire protection, and most lending institutions won't loan either.

But after the fire, you could always sell if you don't like the view. Kinda like selling stock after the market falls, though. Also, think of all the friends you will have after your fire affects your neighbors.

Ever think "Don't worry, it won't happen to me?"  Funny, millions of people around the world pick up the phone just to say "Hi.  My home is on fire."

Surely, there are more benefits to have than not have fire protection.


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