Picnic Notes 2001
By Joyce Wolff

Picnic scene

Another POA picnic is over.  The scene in Janice and Byron Hines's Gallinas Canyon property, freshly mowed, sprouted a collection of white shelters.  The rain held off a while longer than past years and no one got too wet.  As usual the food tables were loaded with delicious food.

The Emergency Services Committee handed out Santa Fe Trail Ranch car stickers and displayed a Ranch map with Areas defined and Area Leaders and Assistants listed.  Harriet Vaugeois handed out wearable tags encouraging compliance with the 25 mile per hour speed limit. Harriet Vaugeois

Pat and Nancy Roehl The Communications Committee made nametags proclaiming, "I'm One of Pat's People" to encourage use of the Website, and to express their appreciation for Webmaster/property owner, Patrick Roehl, from Florida.  Pat attended with his wife, Nancy, and friends from New Hampshire.  An appreciative Women's Group and Communications Committee gave Pat and Nancy Santa Fe Trail Ranch jackets as a small token of their gratitude for his excellent volunteer work as Webmaster.

Rick Johnson
Board member Rick Johnson with wildlife display
On behalf of the Division of Wildlife, Walt and Joyce Wolff prepared a photo display and passed out information encouraging peaceful existence with our wild neighbors.

The Women's Group held its silent auction and raffle.  (Click Here to see the picnic announcement with pictures of some items being raffled.)  And the winners were: Jennifer Vander Brink, daughter of Byron and Janice Hines won the Whispering Pines quilt, lovingly made by Carolyn Santoro, Sue Downs and Sandy Manifold.  Linda Austin, for the second year in a row, won the Indian doll made by Sheila Chatelain.  Hmmmm.  Jim Davis won the knife made by Chuck Ferrero and Diane Rader won the hand carved and painted gourd made by Linda Frost.  Congratulations!

Logowear, cookbooks, and Ranch maps were available for sale.  (I hear Bob Scott bought every single shirt in his size.)  The merchandise will also be available at the October annual POA meeting.
Suzie Davis
Suzie Davis at the Women's Group booth

Allan Walters and Wife Cattle rancher, Allan Walters and his wife, who run their cattle on the Ranch each summer, attended.

Several Fisher Peak Volunteer firefighters and their wives were planning to arrive late: waiting for a firefighting training exercise to end.  They never came.  We soon learned why.  Lazaro Martinez had suffered a massive heart attack and died shortly after the exercise.  Ranch residents were shocked and devastated.  Lazaro was a priceless member of the Ranch Community.  Rick Johnson, volunteer firefighter, POA board member, and Lazaro's friend, gathered the picnickers and announced the news.  He asked for a moment of silence and heads bowed.