Renee Kidwell in the
Pikes Peak Marathon
By Joyce Wolff

Renee Kidwell ran her tenth Pikes Peak Marathon on Sunday, August 17.  She said she would be happy just to finish and finish she did.

Bob and Renee Kidwell bought Joe and Gretchen Shaw's cabin home on Overlook Drive about three years ago.  They visit their property as often as they can and since they both still work and live in North Carolina it isn't as often as they would like.

They were in residence last week so Renee, who is frequently seen running along Ranch roads, could re-acclimate to the higher Colorado elevation.  She is originally from Denver but living in North Carolina forces her to adjust each time she does this grueling run.  The marathon begins in Manitou Springs at over 6,000 ft, ascending to Pike's Peak summit, over 14,000 ft and back down to Manitou Springs.  Renee ran the 26 miles in 9 hours and 9 minutes.

Oxygen becomes a problem the higher the runner goes.  Runners are encouraged to stop for a rest at the top before the descent.  Renee said, not her, she was getting down from there and dropping down where there was more air.

She and Bob have run the event together in past years but knee replacement surgery has prevented him from participating the past two years.  Renee has run the marathon ten times and said before the race that it would probably be her last, but when it was over the exhilaration of the accomplishment inspires her to try again.  She said she will wait till the soreness in her legs goes away before making any commitments.

So let's congratulate this charming athlete on her awesome accomplishment.

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