Meet the New Neighbors
By Joyce and Walt Wolff

Hey, Y'all, meet the new neighbors, the "north end" Sheltons, Lonnie and Marilyn.  (Not to be confused with the "south end" Sheltons, Mary Jo and Mike.)

Back: Curtis James (son-in-law), Marilyn and Lonnie Shelton, Gene and Ernestine Cade, Kevin Tibboel (son-in-law) holding his daughter Avery.
Middle row: Todd Baize (son-in-law), Kilyn James (oldest daughter), Traci Baize (youngest daughter), Audra Tibboel (middle daughter).
Front: Mason and Brock James, and Brady Tibboel.

We are delighted to introduce Lonnie and Marilyn from Pampa, Texas.  They bought the Shaw/Kidwell cabin this fall and are pictured here (at the Wolff's) with their whole family during their holiday celebration over the New Year's weekend.  Marilyn and Lonnie are second and third in the back, pictured with their parents, three daughters, their husbands and four grandchildren the three month-old and only girl grandchild is of course the reigning princess.

The Sheltons are happily turning this part-time home into a warm and loving place.  But then, we have always known that love lies within the walls of this cheery little cabin.  Both the Shaws and the Kidwells had wonderful family gatherings here.  Children have always played in this little meadow and have gone sledding on snowy winter hillsides.  We hope to see these little ones having wonderful times here as well.

We are so happy to have you here and our best wishes for many happy years to come on Santa Fe Trail Ranch.  Welcome!