Defensible Space, Fire, and Insurance
Are These Related?

Fellow property owners as a result of the fires that ravaged our forests last year and most recently are ongoing in Arizona it is wise and prudent to familiarize ourselves on prevention and emergency procedures.  There are numerous articles on our website authored by Paul Vircsik concerning this subject.  Our Emergency Committee has also recently updated the SFTR manual and this is posted on our website for your information and convenience.  (Please Read it).

Defensible space generally has to do with the area immediately surrounding your Home, garage or any building on your property which should be kept clear of brush, trees or any material that can be used as fuel in a fire.  My understanding is that this space should be a minimum of about 30 feet.  Recently more and more has been on the news about Insurance companies looking into those persons that CHOOSE to live in areas of rural solitude, because of all the recent claims that have been paid as a result of Fires and other natural disasters.  The Insurance companies are talking about Defensible Space and any other precautions that Owners can be "reasonably accountable for" in terms of Final Claims payment.  Now it is only talk, but I am sure that some-where down the road amendments and caveats will be added to all of our Insurance policies as this becomes more abundant and the Insurance companies try to stop the flood of dollars from their coffers.

Our Fourth of July Picnic is next week and the Emergency Manuals will be available for you to pick up.  If you cannot attend you can download it from our website.  If you know anyone who cannot attend or does not use our website please let me know and I will make sure one is mailed to them.

Thank You!
George R. Gonzalez
Chair -Communications