It's critically important that we maintain the 25 mph speed limit on all ranch roads!

Three simple reasons:
  • Save Roads
  • Save Money
  • Save Lives

Vehicles traveling faster than 25 mph tend to lift up the road base and throw valuable material off to the side.

Vehicles traveling faster than 25 mph cause a washboard effect that makes for very dangerous driving conditions.

To resurface one mile of road costs $12,000 to $14,000 of property owners' money. If treated properly, resurfaced roads can stay in good condition for years. If treated improperly, resurfaced roads will return to bumpy, dangerous surfaces within a few weeks!

We've had many accidents on the Santa Fe Trail Ranch, and EVERY SINGLE ACCIDENT WAS CAUSED BY SOMEONE DRIVING TOO FAST !

Please remember to check your speedometer when driving on ranch roads. If you're going over 25 mph, you're destroying our roads, wasting our money, and are probably a candidate for an accident or worse.  There's a good chance you'll run someone else off the road.

Please encourage your visitors and your contractors to maintain the 25 mph speed limit.

Thank you,

The POA Board of Directors, members of the Road Committee, members of the Emergency Services Committee, and your neighbors.