Looks Like Water!  Tastes Like Water!  It IS water!
By Joyce and Walt Wolff
October 15, 2004

Ranch history was made on Overlook Drive this morning when Joyce and Walt Wolff enjoyed the distinct privilege and pleasure of being the first residents to hook up to the Ranch water system.  After seemingly endless financial commitments, paperwork, hard work, anxiety, disappointment and success the water system is nearing completion.  This is a tribute to the invaluable work of volunteers who have worked for years for this moment.  The dream is alive.

Last winter we had a local contractor dig and install a 400 foot water line up a steep hill from the main water line on Overlook Drive to our cabin.  So, on this bright and sunny morning, the two lines were ready to unearth and connect.

The two Bob Scotts, who have overseen this project over the past year, were on hand.  Water pressure was impressive as a stream of water shot out of the supply pipe and arched out over the road.  Bob T. Scott did the necessary chlorine test, pronounced it great, then Walt tasted the first water served up on the Ranch and pronounced it excellent.  The "pit", a white cylinder containing the meter and pressure relief valve protects them from freezing temperatures was put in place.  The connection to the line (the property owner's responsibility) was completed and the faucet by the cabin was tested for pressure (~50 psi.).  Perfect! Walt has a pressure gauge you may use if you like…just call.  It's a simple and inexpensive device available downtown.

All the information property owners need to get their water system operating is available on the Website.

This is exciting and satisfying news for all of us.  We have so many people to thank it's impossible to begin.

This is the end to showering with our feet in a bucket in order to save the water for the geraniums.  Oh happy day!

Start of digging
The Mainline pressure looks great!
Bob L. Scott (left) and Bob T. Scott
Chlorine test
Mainline water
Water meter
Water at home - without hauling