What Is The Scope With The Santa Fe Trail Ranch Gate Signs?

We all drive by the large and small intricate cedar SFTR signs but do we all know the history behind these signs? I would like you to spend a little of your time reading about who is responsible for the signs our community enjoys and what has gone into these signs.

These signs are a result of a community labor of love by one of our longtime SFTR residents, Dale Swett.  Several years ago the community felt SFTR warranted signs near the gate we all could be proud of.  Dale took on the tireless time-consuming task of designing and fabricating the signs.  I have no idea of all the effort that went into this endeavor but undoubtedly it took many hours of personal time and effort donated to the SFTR community.

After several years the signs began showing signs of wear and tear from the elements.  Once again Dale agreed to volunteer his time to refurbish the signage.  Again I have no idea of the total time spent accomplishing this task but I do know from conversation with Dale that he had over 172 hours of tedious work time into this refurbishing project even before he had completed the work on the smaller sign.

Not only has Dale created and spruced up our community signage but over the years has spent much time volunteering on behalf of the community.  Dale even spent time working on the all to often THANKLESS road committee.

If you see Dale please take the time to thank him for these signs and all the work and effort he has put into this project for the benefit of the SFTR community.  Better yet consider sending a thank you personally to Dale.

In conclusion A BIG THANKS Dale from the SFTR Property Owner's Association and all the individuals who are fortunate to be SFTR property owners.