Western Wildland Urban Interface Grant
By Diana Novacek

CK Morey, our District State Forrester, is willing to apply on behalf of the Santa Fe Trail Ranch for a 2005 competitive 50/50 matching grant provided to 17 western states through the USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry programs.  He has asked me to immediately get a poll of those SFTR landowners who have an interest in doing forest management / fire mitigation on their acreage.

Please keep in mind the area must be accessible.  For example we are in the process of a forest restoration / fire mitigation project on ten acres of our 36 plus acres.  Some of you may be able to access less or more of your acreage. 

Unless private funding can also be obtained the landowner would be responsible for fifty percent of the costs.  The costs will vary according to the property needs but a rough estimate would be $1000 per acre.  Based on this number the cost to the landowner if grant monies is obtained would be $500 per acre.  Some of this expenditure for the property owner might be reduced if there are products that could be removed. 

To give everyone an idea of what this includes on our property we first needed to have approximately seven acres timber-axed in the portions having thick overgrown tall scrub oak.  The tree thinning phase followed for us because we had dense stands of distressed ponderosa pines.  Now we are limbing up and removing additional ground fuel such as dead falls.  The process will vary for everyone depending on what the needs are.  CK has been very helpful and supportive of our effort and seems to be supportive of a continuation of such measures by all SFTR landowners who wish to participate in this program.

Time is running out.  CK must get the grant application to the State of Colorado no later then September 17th. Because of this rapidly approaching deadline all landowners who wish to participate need to contact me by August 28th.  If interested please e-mail me at ddnovacek@yahoo.com or call 719-846-9090 if you need additional information.  The information CK will need is your name, address, phone number, lot number, and approximately the number of acres you desire to treat

Contact:Diana Novacek
Phone:719 846-9090
From You:
  1. Your full name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Lot number
  5. Approximate number of acres you want to treat
Deadline:I must have the information by August 28, 2004

CK has informed me that the more property owners there are who are interested in proceeding with their land management, the greater the probability that SFTR will receive a grant.  So, if you are interested, please respond today.