Who Will Lead Us?

It’s time to consider running for the POA Board of Directors.  Three slots will be open, as three current members complete their terms of office.  Ideally, we should all take a turn in this position or at least take a turn serving on a ranch committee.  Nine property owners, each year, have the responsibility of enforcing our By-Laws and Covenants and generally taking care of the ranch.  It is a huge responsibility, but it is one that is shared with all owners as they freely participate in this form of democracy and representative governance.

Board membership involves attending 5 to 7 meetings a year, holding an office, and/or serving on at least one committee, usually as chair.  The time involved in these endeavors can be as minimal as attending the required meetings and regularly communicating via email to stay current with ranch affairs, or the involvement can be intense and almost daily if serving as president, treasurer, or chair of the Common Area or Emergency Services Committee.

The responsibility is great when you consider that a board member must represent the interests of all property owners, even if those interests fall counter to one’s personal agenda.  On the other hand, nothing can replace the sense of efficacy when being at the center of the decision-making and among the first to receive important information.  Nothing can replace the fulfillment of helping others make their lives on the ranch more pleasurable.

Three years can be a very long time to serve, if that service involves tension and strife.  Three years of service can be very rewarding when involved with a cohesive team, working toward common goals, and willing to listen and learn from each other.

Our job, as property owners, is to make sure that we continue to encourage each other to serve on the Board; in so doing, we also need to promise to support those who agree to take on such an awesome task.

September 1st is the deadline for posting nominations for Directors.  Please don’t postpone thinking about and acting on this responsibility.  We have lots of new ranch residents; we have lots of new property owners who are becoming involved from a distance; and we have lots of veteran residents who know the history and needs of the ranch.  Look around you; look in the mirror.  Whose names should be put in nomination this year?

Thanks for your ongoing support of the Santa Trail Ranch community and environment.

Harriet Vaugeois, completing a second year on the Board.