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6/13/2016 It's Bear Time
It's that time of year again.  The bears are out, they are hungry, and they will look for food anywhere and everywhere.
Linda Brown
8/12/2015 Ted Novakowski
Sadly, sadly, Walt and I must relay the news from Dorothy that Ted Novakowski died on July 27th in his home at Notre Dame.
Joyce Wolff
6/5/2015 CO Precipitation Records
Here's a rundown of how to get to preciptation data for Colorado.  The data is provided by the USDA through the National Water & Climate Center.
RC Ghormley
4/16/2012 Lunacy Again
Because of the response I received after my posting following the Newtown idocy, and today’s most recent bombing in downtown Boston, an area of which I am very familiar, I am again forced to share some thoughts.
Greg Beaumont
3/28/2012 Edith Lind
Interesting stories of early SFTR resident and pioneer Edith Lind
Joyce Wolff
11/2/2011 SCRT Meets Mt Carmel - A Perfect Match
Joyce Wolff writes about a special experience: exploring the ambiance of the new Mt Carmel Center and previewing Trinidad, Our Stories, Vol 1, the opening live-theatre event produced by the new and expanded SCRT
Joyce Wolff
10/3/2011 A Thanks C.K.
Volunteers found a way to give some thanks to C.K. Morey
Greg Beaumont
5/30/2011 Getting Rid of Washboards
Interesting information about dealing with the washboarding of our roads
Al Tucker
1/9/2011 Fred and Harriet's Opus
This is a tribute to Fred and Harriet Vaugeois on their retirement from the Southern Colorado Repertory Theater.  Obviously while school is on vacation, and Ed and Judy have too much time on their hands.  Any one in favor of year-round school?  As usual, read at your own risk of total boredom.
Ed Hockett and
Judy Lee
10/21/2010 Oh Say Can You See
Old SFTR flags were properly disposed at a recent ceremony in Arizona, and this article documents how that was done.
George Gonzalez
3/11/2010 It's Seedling Time!
It's that time of year again, and JAlan Aufderheide has collected some helpful information on the topic.
JAlan Aufderheide
2/25/2010 AT&T Tower Issues
A concise description of the issue causing AT&T service issues and some ideas about how to resolve them.
Ernie Parker
9/17/2008 Bear Abatement
Tips and tricks to use to keep Yogi and family from dining at your place.
Dave Skogberg
9/17/2008 Chlorine-Testing Your Water
How to check and condition your cistern for the proper chlorine level.
Dave Skogberg
8/20/2008 The Bear
Apparently someone we know is getting bored with his summer vacation.  Ed must now think he is James Faulkner.  Only the financial reports have been put on the site since July 23, so here it is.  Let's hope the ending is not as inevitable as Faulkner's.
Ed Hockett
2/21/2008 Building a One-Woman (or Man) Defensible Space
Clearing the scrub and thick tree growth from around your building site can be a daunting task.  Carol Rawle tells of her own experience, imparts some tips about dealing with scrub oak regrowth and demystifies the concept of donating "in-kind" to the SFTR grant funded community thinning projects.
Carol Rawle
1/6/2008 Burning Memories
See what happens when you don't plow Ed Hockett's road?  He thinks he has to write War and Peace in his idle time.  No one else has submitting anything in a while, so here it is.  Read at your own risk, and only if you have a couple of hours to spare.
Ed Hockett
11/10/2007 Brabant Belgians Draft Horses
A story of the Big O Tires Brabant Draft horses that are in training at SFTR.  These two horses are full brothers, and weigh 2,500 lbs. each.
Carol Dillow Phillips
4/21/2007 Confessions of a Tree Hugger
Or, How We Got Firewise
Joyce Wolff
2/6/2007 Snow Storm Photos
Story and pictures from Trinidad taking during the big snow.
Cinderella Oetter
1/30/2007 Snow Days in a 5th Wheel
MaryAnn and her husband were stranded for six days and seven nights in a 38 foot 5th wheel during the 12/29/2006 storm.
MaryAnn Messier
1/4/2007 Pictures of the Storm's Aftermath
Pictures of the area, from multiple sources, after the big storm of 12/29/2006
1/1/2007 Enuf Already!
Thoughts and photos of the big storm of December 2006
MJ Shelton
12/12/2006 Pleased with the Bull Hog Work
After hiring for some clearing, Joyce & Walt were very pleased with the results.
Joyce & Walt Wolff
8/23/2006 Hiking to Fisher Peak
An adventure many have thought about, but Ed and friend Tim Keller did it!
Ed Hockett
8/23/2006 Losing the Ranch to Gas Drilling
A first-hand account of gas drilling.  Article appeared in The Trinidad Times Independent on 8/15/2006.
Rosemary Bilchak
Writers on the Range
5/13/2006 Noxious Weed Control at SFTR
Information on the upcoming 2006 Weed Out event.  Plus, information on your responsibilities as a property owner for weed control.
Bill Wenstrom
5/13/2006 The 2006.3 Whimper Old-Limp-Icks
In honor of the Winter Olympics we asked our very own Oldlimpians if they would come out of retirement for an encore performance.  (Requires Adobe PDF reader to view.  Article is fairly large and may take a moment to fully download.)
MJ Shelton
1/30/2006 Saying Goodbye a Second Time
Gene downs died on January 26, 2006 at his home in Texas.  This touching story helps tell why so many people loved him as a Ranch neighbor and friend.
Ed Hockett
6/21/01 One Tough Hombre
Gene downs takes some novice firefighters into the action to fight a blaze on the Ranch.  An exciting tale told by a grateful participant.
This article "reprinted" to honor Gene on the news of his passing.
Mary Jo Shelton
1/2/2006 Meet the New Neighbors
A second "Shelton Family" has moved to the Ranch.  Get an introduction with this article.
Joyce & Walt Wolff
11/20/2005 What is the Scoop with the Santa Fe Trail Ranch Gate Signs?
Who makes these beautiful signs and what's involved?
Diana Novacek
7/18/2005 A Rude Awakening
A first-hand account of an early morning fire call.
Ed Hockett
6/30/2005 Shaded Fuel Breaks a Good Idea
A short article from the Willits News.  (A town in California.)
C.K. Morey
5/23/2005 Open Letter to SFTR from C.K. Morey
An open letter from C.K. Morey of the Colorado State Forest Service to owners on the Ranch.  The topic is a Shaded Fuel Break to protect the Ranch from fire originating to our south and west.
C.K. Morey
5/2/2005 Noxious Weed Control at SFTR
Information on the upcoming 2005 Weed Out event.  Plus, information on your responsibilities as a property owner for weed control
Bill Wenstrom
5/2/2005 Fred is Outside Washing the Car
A reminder of how far we've come with our water system and thanks to those who helped us get here
Harriet Vaugeois
4/11/2005 April Showers???  Er...April Blizzards?
Mary Jo reports during the big spring blizzard of 2005
Mary Jo Shelton
4/2/2005 Cows and Me
An Autobiographical Journey to Understanding
Ed Hockett
12/8/2004 Amazing Grace
The story of a friend of SFTR, Joyce Wolff's mother.
Joyce Wolff
11/15/2004 Cows Eat Weeds at Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site
An article on the web site.
George Gonzalez
11/10/2004 Livestock Grazing's Contribution to Fire Hazard
An article written by George Wuerthner published in Summer 2002 by the Oregon Natural Desert Association.
D. Lee Phelan
11/10/2004 Livestock Grazing and Weed Invasions in the Arid West
An article written by A. Joy Belsky Ph.D. and Jonathan L. Gelbard published in April 2000 by the Oregon Natural Desert Association.  (Because this article was formatted for printing, it is difficult to read from a screen.  Viewing this article requires a PDF viewer, such as Adobe's Acrobat Reader.)
D. Lee Phelan
10/21/2004 It's Water!
Water is now available on the Ranch and the first few water connections have been made.  Joyce Wolff shows with words and pictures the exciting event of getting "city water" in the country.
Joyce Wolff
9/29/04 What's the Buzzzz????
Earlier this summer Flora Martinez and her grandson noticed an unusually large number of bees flying around a small pinon tree near their home.  Learn what they did in this article by Joyce Wolff.
Joyce Wolff
9/29/04 What's This, Mamma?
Ranch resident Pam Russell has won a state-wide photo competition sponsored by Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance.  This article by Joyce Wolff tells all about it.
Joyce Wolff
9/23/04 Labor Day Festivities
Fun with family and friends was the order of day at Trinidad's 94th Annual Round-Up Rodeo.
Pam Russell
8/14/04 Western Wildland Urban Interface Grant
Poll of SFTR landowners who have an interest in doing forest management / fire mitigation on their acreage.  CK Morey, our District State Forrester, is willing to apply on behalf of the Santa Fe Trail Ranch for a 2005 competitive 50/50 matching grant provided to 17 western states through the USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry programs.
Diana Novacek
7/12/04 Crazy Weather
There was a "Hazardous Weather Outlook" posted on July 12.  Mary Jo Shelton takes a humorous stab at the National Weather Service in this funny article.
Mary Jo Shelton
7/12/04 Ranch Radio
The Emergency Services Committee has been using inexpensive FRS Radios for some time now.  All residents are encouraged to find out about and use these radios for communications on the ranch.
Eddie Gieske
7/10/04 Block E-Mail
Tired of getting e-mail from a specific person?  This brief tutorial shows you how to block all e-mail from a specific e-mail address.
Patrick Roehl
6/26/04 SFTR'ers Visit Vermejo
Twenty SFTR residents were recently invited to tour the Vermejo Park Ranch, our next door neighbor to the south.  This article shares some of the forest thinning techniques employed at Vermejo.
Carol Rawle
6/18/04 Tigers in the Trees
Have you seen those tent-like structures and wondered what they were?  Now that little mystery is solved.
Carol Rawle
5/14/04 Toward a Better Discussion
Facts and discussion points for the proposed community building.
Ed Hockett
5/14/04 They're Baaack!
Information about combating our yearly visitors, The Beetles.
Carol Rawle
5/7/04 Who is Lazaro Martinez?
Rick Johnson fills in some details for those who never met Lazaro.
Rick Johnson
5/1/04 Weeds, Your Land, and You
Information on weed control and the upcoming 2004 Weed Out event.
Carol Rawle
4/15/04 My Friend, Paul Montoya
A tribute to friendship and the bond made during firefighting.
Ed Hockett
4/5/04 Community Response
A recount of the recent Dave Schroepfer incident and how the Ranch community came together for a positive outcome.
Michelle Minion
4/4/04 Noxious Weed Control at SFTR
Information on the upcoming 2004 Weed Out event.  Plus, information on your responsibilities as a property owner for weed control.
Bill Wenstrom
3/2/04 Michelle is Getting Close
It's has seemed a long time coming but Michelle Minion is about ready to open the doors of Santa Fe Trail Medical Center.
Joyce Wolff
1/21/04 Crime Prevention-Protection Program
Tips, pointers, and general information about the County's crime protection program.
Joyce Wolff
12/24/03 A Trip to Rosemount Mansion
Joyce Wolff describes her trip to Pueblo with Ann Scott, Betty Ruward, and Mary Dye.
Joyce Wolff
12/15/03 Greenland Reserve Conservancy
Joyce Wolff, Chair of the Common Land Subcommittee, explains the Greenland Reserve Conservancy.
Joyce Wolff
11/11/03 San Diego Fires - Part II
San Diego firefighter Paul Vircsik shares with us his experiences during the recent California fires and draws important comparisons to the ranch based on his professional knowledge and training.
Paul Vircsik
11/04/03 Our Town Opens 11/7
A growing number of ranch residents are becoming involved in local theatre and Our Town includes some new players.
Harriet Vaugeois
11/03/03 Paul Montoya Update
Mary Jo and Mike visited with the Montoyas and offer this upbeat progress report.
Mary Jo Shelton
11/01/03 San Diego Fires - Part I
Paul Vircsik has been working the enormous Cedar Fire in San Diego County.  While on a brief break he put his article together for us.
Paul Vircsik
10/25/03 Trinidad City Council Response to Letter Attributed to Them
The Communications Committee followed up on an item in the minutes of the October 5, 2003 committee meeting, regarding a questionable letter posted on the Forum last month and attributed to the Trinidad City Council.
10/22/03 Web Security Concerns
A note about personal information and our web site.  Carol explains a recent incident and explores the steps being taken to keep private information that way.
Carol Rawle
10/19/03 Fire Station Progress
Mary Jo provides another update on the new fire substation progress - with LOTS of great photos!
Mary Jo Shelton
9/12/03 Fire Station Progress
Mary Jo provides another update on the new fire substation progress - and puts out a call for volunteers.
Mary Jo Shelton
9/06/03 Fire proof
It does not exist, but there are products that can help make materials fire resistant.  I have looked into and spoken to the founder of "Barricade".  A company that makes a gel that helps make your home resistant to fire.  It might be worth checking this product out as another tool for protecting your home.
Paul Vircsik
8/22/03 Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus on the Ranch
This article gives tips and suggestions on controlling mosquitoes.
Carol Rawle
8/22/03 Renee Kidwell in the Pikes Peak Marathon
One of our own ran this grueling marathon and this article tells you a little about her.
Joyce Wolff
8/14/03 Fire Station Progress
Bob Scott has written a progress report on the new fire station being constructed on the Ranch.
Robert L. Scott
6/27/03 Defensible Space, Fire and Insurance.  Are these related?
Information about defensible space, emergency procedures, and the upcoming July 4th holiday.
George Gonzalez
6/14/03 What's That Munching on Our Trees?
A lot of folks have been asking what the "clicking, chewing, munching" sounds are coming from our trees on the ranch.  Carol Rawle has the answer is this well-researched article.
Carol Rawle
5/30/03 Dumpster Etiquette
A little consideration for everyone's dumpster needs goes a long way.  This article provides some common sense guidelines for sharing a limited resource and protecting our bears.
Carol Rawle
5/04/03 Photo Essay
Photos taken while hiking a 1/4 mile stretch of Gallinas Creek.  It's interesting seeing how luscious the creek and surrounding area are now.
Harriet Vaugeois
4/27/03 Pine Beetle Season
Pine beetles love our beautiful trees to death.  This article will explain how to spot a pine beetle attach and what to do about it.
Carol Rawle
4/21/03 Noxious Weed Control at SFTR
Information on the upcoming 2003 Weed Out event.  Plus, information on your responsibilities as a property owner for weed control.
Bill Wenstrom
3/27/03 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...
Six days' worth of "Blizzard 2003" activities and with lots of pictures.
Mary Jo Shelton
3/19/03 Oso's Tale - Revisited
A nice story of how a stray dog worked his way into the hearts of long-time Ranch residents.
Joyce Wolff
2/21/03 Survival Ingenuity
Timely article about survival ingenuity - being able to be creative and resourceful if you should find yourself stranded.
Paul Vircsik
2/07/03 Dorsey Mansion
Join the Wolffs and the Scotts for an interesting tale of their day-out excursion to explore the grasslands to the east including the Dorsey Mansion, 25 miles plus from Springer, NM.
Joyce Wolff
12/09/02 Fighting the Pine Beetle
Our pine trees make a lovely home for these pests.  Carol explains what can be done to control them.
Carol Rawle
9/07/02 Meet Candidate Monica Leche
Carol Rawle introduces Monica Leche, a candidate for this October's POA Board election.
Carol Rawle
9/07/02 Meet Candidate Diane Rader
Harriet Vaugeois introduces Diane Rader, a candidate for this October's POA Board election.
Harriet Vaugeois
9/03/02 A Letter to the Membership
Letter to Property owners regarding up-coming election of POA board members.  Harriet reviews the election process and invites your participation.
Harriet Vaugeois
8/30/02 Water Rate Increase Facts
Investigative reporter Carol Rawle digs deep to discover the facts surrounding the recent rate increase.
Carol Rawle
8/13/02 Who Will Lead Us?
It's time to consider running for the POA Board of Directors.  Harriet explains the benefits to SFTR when new people volunteer.
Harriet Vaugeois
8/11/02 Fire Dept. Dinner
The Fisher's Peak Fire Protection District Auxiliary had a spaghetti dinner fundraiser. Lots of pictures accompany this story.
Mary Jo Shelton
8/07/02 Trinidad Water Wars
Carole Rawle gives her impressions from the Trinidad City Council meeting on water restrictions.
Carol Rawle
7/26/02 Varnishing Monologues
Last week while varnishing away her life, Mary Jo began ruminating about the pitfalls of trying to varnish in the presence of men, or at least in the presence of someone who was an experienced varnish applier.  Good reading about being a varnish detainee.
Mary Jo Shelton
7/26/02 Shooting Bears in the Butt or Two
Bill Wenstrom tells of his run-ins with hungry bears on the Ranch.
Bill Wenstrom
7/20/02 Picnic Adventures 2002
Notes (and lots of pictures) from the 2002 Annual POA Picnic.
Harriet Vaugeois
Walt Wolff
7/08/02 Fishing Tournament Results
The 3rd annual Santa Fe Trail Ranch Fishing Tournament was a resounding success.  With pictures!
Mary Jo Shelton
7/03/02 Life and Death of an Attempted Covenant Change
Carol Rawle details the efforts made to update our covenants and why it is so difficult to do so.
Carol Rawle
6/14/02 Ranch Receives Much Needed Rain
Mary Jo Shelton describes her delight at the arrival of much-needed rain on the Ranch.
Mary Jo Shelton
6/03/02 Fire on the Crazy French Ranch - Part II
Mary Jo Shelton shares first-hand information with pictures.
Mary Jo Shelton
5/29/02 A Bear of a Summer Ahead
Morgan Chai provides information on the bear situation on the Ranch.  Introduction by Carol Rawle.
Morgan Chai
5/28/02 Fire on the Crazy French Ranch
Walt Wolff supplies some photos and narration of the fire just across I-25 from our Ranch.
Walt Wolff
5/11/02 Rattler Alert!
Walt Wolff finds the first rattler of the season.  Advice, cautions, and interesting facts about these inhabitants of our land.
Walt Wolff
5/09/02 Noxious Weed Control at SFTR
Substantial information on weed control and property owner's responsibilities.
Bill Wenstrom
4/17/02 SFTR in the News
SFTR residents Carol Rawle and Joyce and Walt Wolff, who have written several articles about co-existing with bears on the ranch, are to be congratulated for their ongoing efforts to keep us educated.
Harriet Vaugeois
4/10/02 Fire on the Ranch!
Quick reaction by several people and fast response by Fisher's Peak Fire Protection district are explained in this first-hand account.
Carolynn Johnson
3/31/02 Loose Dogs on the Ranch
If your dogs are running loose you are exposing yourself and others to more risk than you may know.
Carol Rawle
3/24/02 St. Patrick's Day Fire
Riveting first-hand account of our Fisher's Peak firefighters in action.
Mary Jo Shelton
1/04/02 Christmas Production Pictures
The SFTR Christmas Play was well received.  Here are some final comments with lots of pictures.
Harriet Vaugeois
12/03/01 Christmas Production Update
Rehearsals continue for the Christmas play.  This is update installment five on how it's going, with pictures.
Harriet Vaugeois
11/27/01 Trinidadio 2001
New Location, Same Result Third Trinidaddio Blues & Cultural Festival Another Success
Submitted by
Neil Sexton
8/29/01 New Entrance Sign
Through the volunteer efforts of many people the Ranch has a new entrance sign.
Harriet Vaugeois
8/22/01 Fall Weed-Spraying / Adopt-A-Road
Information on the upcoming Fall weed-spraying activities and the Adopt-A-Road program.
Bill Wenstrom
8/11/01 Annual Picnic
Notes and pictures from SFTR Picnic 2001
Joyce Wolff
8/02/01 Goats for Weed Control?
Ideas for weed control near Ranch ponds
Connie Tucker
6/30/01 Out of State
Weed spraying notice for out-of-state Property Owners
Harriet Vaugeois
6/29/01 Annual Picnic
Santa Fe Trail Ranch Annual Property Owners Picnic Announcement
Joyce Wolff
6/21/01 One Tough Hombre
Gene downs takes some novice firefighters into the action to fight a blaze on the Ranch.  An exciting tale told by a grateful participant.
Mary Jo Shelton
6/21/01 Fire Pictures
Pictures taken during the fighting of the "Father's Day Fire" in Hobb's Canyon, just south of the Ranch.
Mary Jo Shelton
6/21/01 A Prickly Job...
A Spring weed-spraying event was fun and productive.  With pictures!
Joyce Wolff
6/19/01 Ranch Evacuation
The Ranch was evacuated on June 16, 2001.
Rick Johnson
6/19/01 Fisher's Peak Fire Protection
Details on how the Ranch was helped during the close-call and how you can help in the future.
Carolynn Johnson
5/26/01 Cattle Grazing Season
Cattle grazing on the Ranch benefits all owners.  Read about those benefits and the arrangement.
Michael Hughes
5/16/01 Embezzlement Case Settled
SFTR is happy with recent developments in Fisher's Peak Fire District embezzlement case.
Carol Rawle
5/15/01 Weed Zapper's School
Pictures and the story of the Weed Identification Tour held on May 12, 2001.
Joyce Wolff
Walt Wolff
5/8/01 Attack of the Pine Beetles
Pinon pines are a tasty treat for these pests.  Carol explains what can be done to control them.
Carol Rawle
4/12/01 Weeds
Controlling weeds on the Ranch is an important issue. This article gives valuable information on the subject.
Carol Rawle
3/19/01 POA Financial Overview
Information on how the POA financials work: Where the money comes from and where it goes.
Requires member log-in to access.
Bill Wenstrom
3/12/01 Petition Information page
Collection of resources pertaining to the effort to enter the Fisher's Peak Fire District in the SE section of Ranch
A Collaborative Effort
3/12/01 Consequences of Not Having Fire Protection
Important information about entering the Fisher's Peak Fire District
Paul Vircsik
3/12/01 Fire Warning to Owners in SE section of Ranch
Important information about entering the Fisher's Peak Fire District
Carol Rawle
3/2/01 Webmaster Visits the Ranch
Webmaster Patrick Roehl visits in February
Joyce Wolff
2/25/01 Aerial Pictures of the Ranch
See what our property looks like from high above
Patrick Roehl
2/20/01 Speeding on the Ranch
Driving too fast causes a lot of problems for all property owners
Harriet Vaugeois
01/09/01 New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve 2001 at the Obrey's. With lots of pictures
Joyce & Walt Wolff
01/08/01 Careless Smoker Causes Fire
18,000 acre fire information with pictures
Paul Vircsik
12/14/00 SFTR Christmas Party
Brief story and lots of pictures!
Joyce Wolff
11/8/00 At Home in Indiana
Where in the world are the Novakowskis?
Joyce Wolff
11/8/00 Let's Keep SFTR Clean
Ongoing information from the Common Area Appearance Subcommittee
Harriet Vaugeois
11/6/00 First snow in the 2000-2001 season!
Ongoing information from the Common Area Appearance Subcommittee
Harriet Vaugeois
  One of our "Out Of Town But Dying To Live Here " property owners had a great idea to post more news and stories here, so here is the first one Lynn Chase
Alpine Meadows Drive


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