I have been a SFTR owner since 1996. Unfortunately I'm "stuck" in Washington D.C. until I retire in 2004 - I can't wait!!!

So, needless to say - I'm not an "active" participant in the community - I won't have that luxury until I build my house, and move out to Trinidad. In the meantime, I very much enjoy keeping up with the goings on through the Ranch Review, and the SFTR website. I think the website is truly wonderful - I hope the other property owners get as much enjoyment out of it as I do.

Born and raised in suburbia Virginia, I fell in love with Colorado 30 years ago driving through it. It guess it's been in my heart ever since. As much as I have loved Virginia, the traffic and urban sprawl is way out of hand, and I yearn for the wide open spaces of our ranch. Since it is going to be such a change as far as - the way of life - suburbia vs. mountain living, I would love to see a column either in the Ranch Review, or on the website, where people (current ranch residents) could submit their stories of where they moved from, and when they moved into the ranch, and what their experiences have been since they became residents. Could be stories of running out of butter when you're making a cake, to being stuck for days in the middle of a snow storm, to being raided by a bear. I think it would be a lot of fun to share experiences, and for those of us who haven't yet built our homes, it would give us some idea of what to expect.

Another idea I had for a column is "news tidbits". I live in a community that's 50 years old - about 400 families altogether. People's families have grown up together in this neighborhood, and now our children are buying homes and moving in because they love the closeness of this community. We have a monthly newsletter, similar to the Ranch Review, where we have a message from the President, stories of neighborhood wildlife (foxes, deer, beaver, etc.) written by a resident naturalist, reports on local pests, i.e. Japanese Beetles, and how to treat them, an article by an avid gardner giving tips on everything like landscaping, how to grow, and what not to grow, and also "Talk of the Acres", where it's listed who new neighbors are, who are new parents or grandparents, if anybody went on an exciting vacation or anniversary, if any artist in the community has a showing at a local gallery, etc.

I may be jumping the gun a little bit, because maybe there are not that many permanent residents in the ranch, and/or that many who want to participate in community affairs. But I do envision in years to come the SFTR being similar to my close community - Holmes Run Acres, and just thought I would voice my thoughts on communicating and sharing through stories and articles that could be posted on the web.

Thanx for listening to my 2 cents. I look forward to continuing to read the SFTR website! Thanx for all your hard work!

Lynn Chase F8 - Alpine Meadows Drive