At Home in Indiana
  By Joyce Wolff

There was bad news, but there is good news. The bad news came last spring when longtime (long in Ranch history) residents, Dorothy and Ted Novakowski, sold their home and moved to Notre Dame, Indiana. And yes, they really did move to Notre Dame, Ted's Alma Mater, where the Holy Cross Brothers have developed a lovely residential area. Those who remember Ted and Dorothy's devotion to the school understand it was a move they looked forward to. They are also closer to their children and grandchildren. One of the Ranch's most active and productive residents, Ted was one of the first SFTR Board members, and was a board member for the Metropolitan District when he left.

The good news is that Walt and I recently enjoyed a wonderful visit with the Novakowskis and can report firsthand that Ted and Dorothy are happy in their new home and are loving a rich, full life. Despite missing the mountains, they are enjoying the return to "their roots." They are entitled to audit classes and attend lectures and most sporting events, all of which they have done. Their new house is one of a dozen or so that sit spaciously around a beautifully landscaped pond. It is within easy walking distance of any spot on the ND campus. Dorothy is enjoying digging in the rich, deep Indiana soil and has a productive vegetable and flower garden. They have attended all the home football games, and shared the excitement of the Air Force game with us. Notre Dame won in overtime and it doesn't get much better than that.

The fact that Walt is also an ND alum made the trip all the more meaningful. We were treated to a concert by the Notre Dame glee club, pre-game activities, a trip to the Lake Michigan shore just to the north, and we looked at the SFTR Website where Ted is profiled under Ranch History. Dorothy showed me what must be the biggest Hobby Lobby in the world. We are delighted that they are as happy as they had hoped to be.

Here are some pictures taken during our visit:

Dorothy and Ted Novakowski in front of their new home
Entrance to Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame
LR: Joyce Wolff, Dorothy Novakowski, and Ted Novakowski
The Novakowski's backyard