Precipitation Records for Colorado
RC Ghormley
April 2010 (updated June 2015)

There are many snow and precipitation monitoring stations in the Rocky Mountains.  Find the U.S. map at

Click on the map and it becomes interactive or just use this link.  Zoom in and look at the bottom center of Colorado for the two dark blue dots close together, west of Trinidad.  Click on the east one to pop up the Whiskey Creek window.  Click on Water Year Chart (SWE and Precip).

This is the annual graph for the Whiskey Creek snotel site (pronunciation is up to you).  Legend is to the right (click on the colored squares to turn each graphed line on and off).  This graph contains four plotted lines:

This particular snotel site is located on the east slope of the Culebra Range, west of Monument Lake on Hwy 12, and is somewhat representative of conditions on the watershed which feeds North Lake where Trinidad gets its water supply.