Legal Disclosures

Colorado law requires property owner associations to make specific disclosures to property owners.  Although most of this information was already disclosed on this website, here is a complete list:

General Association Disclosures

Community Name:   Santa Fe Trail Ranch
Association Name:   Santa Fe Trail Ranch Property Owners Association
Registered Agent:   Nancy E. Allred
Physical Address:   33011 Hidden Meadow Lane, Trinidad, CO 81082
Mailing Address:   P.O. Box 870, Trinidad, CO 81082
Telephone:   719-846-3517
Declaration:   Initially recorded August 30, 1990 in Book 873 at Page 261 under Reception No. 588333

Links to Annually Updated Data (Updated within 90 days after the end of each fiscal year)

Association fiscal year begins:  January 1

Operating Budget

Current Assessments:  2019 POA Dues are $757.00 per lot.  Dues are billed
January 1 and due January 31 of each year.

Annual Financial Statements

Accountants Report

Insurance Policy Information


Articles of Incorporation

Declaration of Covenants (June 2017)

Board and Member Meeting Minutes