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Forum Usage Statistics Use this page to see how busy the discussion forum has been recently
Upload a Photo Have a photo you'd like to show on this web site?  Use this feature to upload your photo
Water System Tank Map Map showing which water tank serves specific areas of the Ranch
CPC Handbook Community Preparedness Committee Handbook.  Describes procedures for emergencies and contains lots of useful information.  Everyone who lives on or visits the Ranch should maintain an up-to-date copy of this document
Adopt-A-Road Shows a map and listing that describes road ownership for weed spraying purposes
Community Preparedness Committee Residency Listing Provides phone lists by area.  Used to assist with emergency planning activities
Discussion Forum A place to post your questions and thoughts.  Of course, you can read what others are thinking
Finacial Reports Ranch financial reports and statements
Owner Search Use this to find another POA member's address, phone number, or e-mail address.  You can also use this find your own information and then update it
Weather Stats
Update Page
Weather Statistics Update Page (for Ernie only).
The weather statistics can be viewed by clicking here
Fire Danger
Update Page
Fire Danger warning as seen on the main page.  For use only by authorized individuals

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