Many Thanks for SFTR Dinner Volunteers

The Fall SFTR Dinner was attended by the highest number of ranchers to date! It couldn’t have happened without the amazing volunteers of the Women’s Group (WG).  Discussions regarding food and themes started back in August with “Chuck Wagon on SFTR” being the finalist. This theme was embraced by all the attendees and with decorations, including a Saloon Door and Wanted! photo opportunity.

The THANK YOU list is quite extensive because as the saying goes….”It takes a village”:


          Tidbits and Morsels, Raton, NM for appetizers

          Las Animas Grill & Jay Gonzalez for huge steaks etc

          Nancy Scott and Claudia Henning, WG organizers

Women’s Group for wonderful and diverse desserts:

          Pat Nash, Lori Clark, Amanda Korth, Tori Pigott, Carmen Richards, Cyndi Hamilton, Nancy Scott, Carol Smith, Colie’s Bakery (Trinidad)

Table and Room Decorations:

          Pat Nash, Mary Bishop, Karla Pinckard, Carol Smith, Sherry Talbot

Set up, Clean up

          Sue Downs, Lori Clark, Carol Smith, Claudia Henning, Barb Wurfel,

          Maureen Latham, Shannon Youngquist, Lynne Parker and many more.

After the Games were played, the winners were Sue Downs for BEST COSTUME, Ann Scott as last survivor of HEADS/TAILS. Two tables won the BEST POKER HAND, table 6 and (I can’t remember the table # but it was a straight).  Mary Ghormley won the raffle prize which was a bag of goodies and discounts from various businesses in Trinidad.

Overall, smiling faces and energetic conversations were observed.  Old friends, and new, filled the MOC in creative cowboy/girl attire.

Denny Scott said “It was the best one we’ve had yet!”, sentiment that has been echoed by many.  I wonder what the WG is going to plan for next year…..