Introduction by Carol Rawle

Back in the very early history of the Communications Committee, while we were trying our darndest to develop a web site, we had to make do with a paper newsletter called THE RANCH REVIEW. One of the regular features was "Profiles in Ranch History" where we featured someone who had made an important contribution to our ranch. Two of the articles made it onto this web site, but until recently, it wasn't possible to get the rest of them converted to this medium.

Now we would like to reintroduce these interesting people to all of our property owners. Many of you have come to own your ranch property recently and have no idea of what went into the making of our ranch. Many of the rest of you probably know who these people are but will read their stories for the first time. What is most important is that the history of our ranch, and the stories of the people who have made it what it is, be recorded here so none of us will ever forget their contributions. After we introduce all of the old articles, we will then, from time to time, feature a new person who has dedicated their time, talents, and energy on behalf of our ranch and those of us who own a piece of this wonderful place.

The Communications Committee hereby dedicates this section of our website, not only to those folks whose stories appear here, but to all of the people who have volunteered themselves in one capacity or another to making our ranch the very best place in all of this part of the country. We salute you!