Preparedness Corner - by Paul Vircsik

(The Preparedness Corner articles were written by Paul Vircsik from 2000 to 2005. The introduction below was written by Paul for the SFTR website. The PDF linked below it contains all of the Preparedness Corner articles plus a short bio of Paul at the end.)

"As an introduction to this area I would like to share my thoughts on why I write to you each month.  During my career in the fire service I have always felt that the greatest way to thank those who have trained me in years past is to teach others what I have learned.  The purpose of this column is to teach people in all areas of fire safety and safe living.  Prevention is the primary area because it can help prevent a lot of unnecessary hard ship.  What to do before, during, and after the fire is also important to teach so you can survive a fire whether it be home or wildland.  Lastly, when I come across information that I feel is relevant to the column’s purpose I try to pass it along to you in the hope that it will somehow benefit your life and make living on the ranch easier.  Enjoy them, take the information and put it to good use.  Maybe some day you can pull something from them and can teach someone else who might need it."  - Paul Vircsik