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Pet Registry


The Santa Fe Trail Ranch Pet Registry created by Michelle Blake for the previous website is still accessible - click here.

There is also a Pet Registry feature on, a free-to-use social media service that is designed to be exclusive and specific to individual neighborhoods. Many of the social media features of the previous website have moved to the Nextdoor SFTR Neighborhood.

You can register your pets on both Michelle's site and Nextdoor for greater accessibilty (in case one is unavailable when needed). Both sites allow you to provide photos of your pets that may help others identify them if they get lost.

For more info on Nextdoor, here's a notice from the previous SFTR website:

Added 6/11/2019  Nextdoor Migration Announcement Recently, the Communications Committee invited SFTR property owners to help us test a new neighborhood website -  Our trial run with Nextdoor has exceeded our expectations.  There are already 166 user accounts representing 130 lots in the SFTR neighborhood.  Now it's ready for all SFTR property owners to use if they wish.  Please be aware that the SFTR neighborhood on Nextdoor will soon replace many of the features of the SFTR website.  It should also be noted that the discussion forum posting limit on the SFTR website has now been reduced from 8 to 4 postings per month with further restrictions planned in the future as the migration to continues.  Important notifications (road closings, water outages, safety-related announcements) will continue to be posted by board members and authorized volunteers on both the SFTR website and Nextdoor, however all social content is being moved to Nextdoor as these features will not be available on the new SFTR website.  This includes the discussion forum, the event calendar.  some of the What's New! (binocular) items, items for sale, the photo gallery, the pet registry, and more.  Many thanks to Michelle Blake who has offered to poll Nextdoor users to see if the pet registry features in Nextdoor are adequate or if they would like her to continue to maintain her independent SFTR pet registry website, so watch for this poll to appear on Nextdoor in the future.

In addition, ranch-owned businesses may want to register their companies at no cost on Nextdoor so that property owners can recommend them on Nextdoor.  An added benefit is that Nextdoor recommendations may be seen by other users beyond SFTR.  There are already five other Nextdoor neighborhoods in Trinidad and one other rural neighborhood in our local area.

We invite you to visit to review its features, terms and guidelines and sign up if you wish.  You must own property or lease a residence to join the SFTR neighborhood on Nextdoor.  During the signup process you will be asked for your email address and street address, and maybe additional information to verify that you are eligible to join.  You may also be asked to share information that is not required to create an account.  Look for the SKIP or NEXT button and use it when you don't want to give Nextdoor info about your interests, access to your friends email addresses, etc.  Also, review your Nextdoor account settings after creating your account to adjust your Privacy and Notification settings to your liking - you can hide your house number, and limit your postings to just the SFTR neighborhood.  Finally, please read the Nextdoor User Guidelines and follow them, as they will be enforced to help ensure a positive neighborhood experience for everyone.