POA Wood Chipper

To all property Owners:

You may or may not know the SFTR POA owns a wood chipper that is generally available for property owners to rent.  The rental fee is $150.00 for 8 hours, payable to SFTR POA. Any additional time will incur an additional charge.  There are some rules that accompany the rental of the unit.



SFTR Chipper Rental Agreement


 I _____________ agree to rent the POA chipper for $150 per 8-hour day. If more than 8 hours show on the hour meter an additional charge of a minimum of $18.75 per hour or a fraction thereof will be due.


The chipper is to be used for normal tree trimmings and at no time should be used on phone poles or RR ties or other Materials.


 Any damage other than normal wear, I agree to pay. If the chipper is stolen when in my possession, I agree to pay the POA the replacement cost of a like chipper.


The chipper must be returned to the “keeper” every evening, stored inside, or at the renters occupied property.  At no time can it be stored outside over-night on an empty lot.


The Chipper must be returned with a full tank of “Diesel” fuel. If not the renter will be charged $5.00 per gallon with a minimum charge of $5.00


Checks for the rental will be payable to the SFTR POA.


 Signed________________ Date__________ Printed Name________________


Meter reading when picked up______________



Terms Conditions and Operating Tips

  1. The renter is responsible to return the chipper in the condition it was rented in. Any damage/repair will be the responsibility of the renter.
  2. The renter is responsible for returning the chipper with a full gas tank.  It requires Diesel fuel.  If not, the renter will be charged $5.00 per gallon, With a minimum charge of $5.00.
  3. The chipper must be returned to the "keeper" each night or stored on the renters OCCUPIED property.  It cannot be left on unoccupied property.  If stolen, the renter is responsible to pay the POA the replacement cost for a like unit.
  4. The chipper is to be used only for chipping brush and trees up to 6 inches in diameter, preferably smaller.  No railroad ties, phone poles or the like.
  5. If chipping a large quantity of green evergreen trees, the chipper chute has a possibility of clogging.  If you notice that behavior please feed wood that does not have needles/leaves into the chipper until it clears.
  6. If the chipper belt starts smoking, please shut it down per the normal shut-down instructions. The chipper drive belt will be in need of re-tensioning.  Any further use will cause damage to the belt, which is quite expensive and difficult to install.
  7. The chipper is very heavy.  It requires at least a half-ton truck or similar vehicle equipped with a 2" receiver hitch. The hitch will be provided.
  8. When towing the chipper, remove the jack and transport it in your vehicle.
  9. When running the chipper, prop open the cowling over the engine to prevent overheating. There is a prop stick that accompanies the unit.
  10. When using the chipper, place on a flat level surface.  Make sure there are no combustible materials near the exhaust pipe.
  11. There is a grease gun in the storage box on the chipper.  If using the chipper more than one day, give the lubrication points a couple squirts of grease.  It will be greased when you pick it up.
  12. When feeding brush into the chipper, feed it from either side of the chute.  Do not feed brush from the back of the chute.
  13. When shutting down the chipper, disengage the cutting blades and let the chipper idle for 5 minutes before turning off
  14. Never reach into the feed chute.  Use a stick to push in brush.
  15. The renter is required to sign a contract agreeing to the above terms.
  16. Please always be aware of the fluid levels prior to using.  Engine oil, Hydraulic fluid, Radiator fluid.  Notice if any leaks occur.  The chipper celebrated his/her 20th birthday this year.
  17. Remember "Safety First"

As of 9-19-20 the reverse function of the chipper feed does not work. Please do not over-feed the chipper.  There appears to be an electrical issue that is yet to be resolved.

The feed bar has a tendency to slip back to the neutral position, from the forward position as does the chipper drive lever.  If it appears to not be working correctly immediately check both of those levers. If not you run the risk of burning up the drive belt.

NOTE: THE CHIPPER WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL DURING HIGH FIRE DANGER CONDITIONS.  Because of the location of the exhaust discharge, it poses the risk of starting a fire.


Please contact Jerry Kirkwood via email to Kirkwoodplace303@gmail or text to 410-207-9994 with any questions.