Mitigation Grant for 2021

I am, with assistance of others, in the process of writing a grant application to the State of Colorado for Forest Health and Mitigation.  There is a total of $700,000 available in the grant. The Grant due date is Dec. 11. An award is not guaranteed. I will need your response if interested by Sunday Dec. 6.   If awarded a grant, the requirement is that the individuals who wish to take advantage of the funds must match 50% of what they choose.  This 50% can be in the form of cash or Labor at $28.02 per hour.  In doing some quick math, If we were awarded $40K (for a total of $80K).  which equates to 1427 hrs. ($40K / $28). If 20 households chose to take advantage it would come out to 71 labor hours each they would need to perform, or it could be a combination of cash and labor.

This application takes significant time and effort to put together, so we need commitment if you are interested. Please contact me if you are, including the dollar/labor amount you are willing to commit to.  This may be your 1-time opportunity to to get your mitigation done at half price.  We need commitment, not just interest.

Q & A

How much are we eligible for?  We can apply for as much as we have commitments from Property owners / POA.

How much individually can we get?  Using the above numbers that would come out to a total of about $4,000 of which you would be responsible for half.  If you commit more, you can receive more, but that needs to be accounted for in the grant.

What is the average cost per acre?  We have calculated the cost to be between $500 to $1000 per acre depending on the nature of the work and the terrain.

Is there a minimum we can commit to?   No, however there needs to be a reasonable amount of time to cover the cost of bringing in the equipment.  Probably 4 hours for contractors on the Ranch.

What is the minimum Grant request we can apply for?  There actually is no minimum, however in order to make it worthwhile to expend the time and effort to write the Grant, it would be reasonable to assume $20,000 (our 50%) $40,000 total.

Can we hire our own contractor to do the Mitigation work?  Yes

What is the acceptable equipment charges: Contractor fees, equipment rental, personal saws, used in the mitigation effort. Equipment purchase is not reimbursable.

What is the timeline to complete the work? Must be done in 2021.  It does not need to be all completed at once.

How is the award distributed?  It will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.  It will depend on who is willing to commit, how many home owners commit and the dollar/labor amount they are willing to commit.  The total grant amount request can be adjusted up or down depending on the level of commitment.

Can the funds be used for community mitigation?  (fire breaks, common areas, fire evacuation routes, etc.)  Yes, in that event the POA would have to come up with matching funds or using volunteer hours to offset the contribution.

How will we be reimbursed?  You would submit your expenses to the Forest Health Committee chair along with supporting documentation. (receipts, invoices, labor records, before & after pictures etc.).  If approved,  Nancy Allred will cut a check.