Forest Health & Wildfire Mitigation Committee


All Santa Fe Trail Ranch Property Owners are members of the Forest Health and Wildfire Mitigation Committee! The FHWM committee strives to develop and maintain a network of firebreaks on the ranch designed to reduce the damage to the forest and its inhabitants caused by a fire on the ranch. Its success depends on the cooperation of every property owner.

A Forest Health and Wildfire Mitigation Committee website has been created to support the efforts of this 454 member committee. The Home page has links to notices, documents and historical articles produced by the FHWM committee dating back to its inception in November of 2004. The Projects page provides information about the current Colorado State Forest Service grant application.

On the Sub-Committees page, the ranch is organized into 14 watersheds, each represented by a watershed steward. These local stewards meet to coordinate the efforts of each watershed sub-committee into a ranch-wide fire mitigation plan as presented by the Santa Fe Trail Ranch Community Wildfire Protection Plan.