Tank #1 AREA CLEARING PROJECT: 9/24/2022 & 9/25/2022

What: Clearing the brush around Water Tank #1

When: 9 AM to 3 PM on Saturday, September 24 to clear brush; 9 AM to 4 PM on Sunday, September 25 to finish up and then spray stumps to discourage re-growth.

Where: Tank #1

Bring: gloves, sturdy shoes/boots, large or small brush nippers, small chainsaws, hat/sunscreen.

Needed: Volunteers for food and water setup, safety leaders, small spray tanks for brush spray.

Provided: Food, water, chain-bar oil, Triox brush spray, chipper, water wagon (for fire suppression), fuel and 2-cycle oil (bring a gas canto mix your own to suit your equipment).

Call Marc Wilson (765.524-5314) for more information about the project, equipment needed, and to make suggestions.

Call Nancy Scott (719.845-8660) to confirm headcount for food or to volunteer for preparation or setup for food service for Saturday.

Come for the day or come for an hour; come for the fellowship!