Putting OUR Community at risk

Recently there has been a number of incidents involving "off the road vehicles".  Typically, but not always, the violators have been visitors or guests on the Ranch who may or may not know the rules. The dangers involve collisions, sparks that start fires (which we all dread), trespassing on personal property, personal bodily injury, and the unimaginable - death.  ALL property owners are responsible and accountable to educate themselves and visitors to the Ranch.  The Covenants (available on the SFTR web site under Legal Disclosures) clearly spell out the rules and remediation for the Ranch.

There have also been instances of outdoor campfires.  This is not only irresponsible and in violation of our covenants and the current county fire ban, but just plain ignorant to endanger our community. Next time, think about what you are considering doing.  Make the right decision. Is it worth torching everyone's dreams?

Article V of the Covenants - Use Restrictions

5.17 Fires. All Owners shall, at all times, take reasonable precautions against fire. No "open ground" or "above ground" fire shall be permitted on any Lot or on the Common Area unless the same is acknowledged and official permit obtained from the Sheriff, supervised by the fire department and written permission obtained from the Association. The foregoing shall not apply to propane grills and outdoor propane fire pits and fireplaces within a structure, but all chimneys shall be equipped with appropriate spark controls. Charcoal grills are not permitted. All burning of any nature shall comply with state and local laws, rules and regulations.

Please be respectful of our neighbors and our community.