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July 15, 2020:

To all property Owners:

You may or may not know the SFTR POA owns a wood chipper that is generally available for…

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June 10, 2021:

A new Metro Notice letter regarding the replacement of meters to comply with state regulations has been added to the…

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May 16, 2021:

The MOC will be open, hosted by the Women's group, every Monday from 10-11 am for anyone to meet and greet others, peruse…

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September 20, 2021:

A reminder that our Annual POA Board Meeting will be held at the MOC building, 33712 Mountain View (lot C46) on…

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July 19, 2021:


All Santa Fe Trail Ranch Property Owners are members of the…

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April 9, 2021:

We've added information about the March 2021 LASO Safety Presentation.
After logging in to this website, click …

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August 27, 2020:

Recently there has been a number of incidents involving "off the road vehicles".  Typically, but not always, the…

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