Road Alerts: Snow Plowing

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UPDATED 02/04/2024 - 8:00AM - Tom is still plowing now. He is on Squirrel Ln and trying to get most of the main roads before stopping for the day. He will get Alpine Meadows before quitting. He will return tomorrow. The side roads may be a problem because they are very soft and the grader is damaging them. Tom couldn't start until late afternoon. He started on the main roads working late last night and will return this morning. The side roads are very soft and some will not support the weight of the grader without damaging the road.

UPDATED 01/08/2024 - 3:00pm Jan 8, 2024: I-25 Southbound closed from Exit 11 to Raton Pass. Plowing, on the ranch, will start tomorrow (Jan 9) in order to let the wind abate.

UPDATED 01/08/2024 - Tom finished plowing Saturday from the last storm. All the forecasts I see have the storm lasting all day. We most likely will not start plowing until early Tuesday morning. It will take 2 days to plow all roads. 

UPDATED 01/06/2024 - The snow plow had some maintenance difficulties yesterday that slowed progress in plowing. Tom will start again this morning and should finish all roads today.

UPDATED 12/15/2023 - Tom Berry began plowing at 4:00am this morning, concentrating on the major roads, and concluded today's days effort at dark.  He will move to side-roads tomorrow, Dec 15th, and should finish up before the end of the day.

UPDATED 3/22/2023 - No SFTR roads are closed.