POA Road Committee

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POA Road Committee

The Road Committee is the formal POA committee responsible for planning and supervising all contracted and volunteer maintenance work on the private SFTR road system. This private road system includes the bridge, all roads and all cul-de-sacs and all devices for the purpose of drainage such as culverts and bar ditches.

The committee is allocated the majority of the POA budget to accomplish this task through a contactor approved by the Board of Directors. The committee provides annual road maintenance via grading, road base replenishment, drainage ditch upkeep and snow plowing.

Snow plowing will commence after the storms have subsided and general accumulation has reached 5 to 6 inches or severe drifting impedes vehicle travel.

All property owners should be prepared for the possibility of reduced access to and from their property during fall, winter, and spring months. Every attempt will be made to provide continuous access, but all residents are encouraged to maintain an adequate stock of life necessities to reduce the possibility of life threating emergencies.