Noxious Weed Control

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Noxious Weed Control

Santa Fe Trail Ranch has a legacy of aggressively controlling noxious weeks that can invade ranch property and rob the land of precious moisture. The ranch provides herbicide that effectively controls various types of thistle, Mexican locust, Hounds tongue, and Mullen when properly applied. The herbicide is available to property owners in early spring and can be applied throughout the growing season.

Many property owners graciously volunteer to patrol assigned ranch road segments apply herbicide as needed to control noxious weeks. As with all chemicals personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks are recommended when applying this material.

The following map divides the ranch roads into numbered segments, and the volunteers who are currently signed up for the segments are shown in the table below the map.

Contact Ron Wilson at 719-846-2462 or @email for more info or to sign up for your segments.

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Segment Roadway From To Miles Adopted By
1 Fisher Peak Parkway Cottonwood Canyon Little Bear Drive 0.79 Kinder, R
2 Little Bear Drive Fisher Peak Parkway Raton Overlook 0.62 Kinder
3 Raton Overlook     0.34 Kinder
4 Little Bear Drive Raton Overlook Oak Park Drive 0.85 Kinder
5 Oak Park Drive Little Bear Drive North End 1.29 Latham, B
6 Pinon Court     0.47 Klebba
7 Pass Creek Court     0.08 Scott, R. L.
8 Little Bear Drive Oak Park Dr Vista West Drive 1.39 Latham, B
9 Vista West Drive Little Bear Drive North End 0.94 Wichterman
10 Vista West Drive Little Bear Drive Vista West Court 0.56 OPEN
11 Vista West Court     0.06 OPEN
12 Vista West Drive Vista West Court Wildlife Run 0.53 OPEN
13 Wildlife Run Vista West Dr End 0.72 OPEN
14 Pine Nut Dr     0.37 Scott, R. L.
15 Vista West Drive Spruce Lane Cedar Way 0.44 OPEN
16 Cedar Way     0.30 Scott, R. L.
17 Vista West Drive Cedar Way Elk Park Road 0.48 Parker, John
18 Vista West Drive Elk Park Road End 0.51 Parker, John
19 Elk Park Road Vista West Dr Mountain View 0.96 Latham
20 Elk Park Road Mountain View Oak Way 0.26 Latham
21 Oak Way     0.34 OPEN
22 Elk Park Road Oak Way Oak Park Drive 1.26 Klebba
23 Oak Park Drive Elk Park Road Little Bear Drive 0.96 Klebba
24 Elk Park Road Oak Park Dr Ponderosa Ridge Dr 0.53 Klebba
25 Ponderosa Ridge Dr     0.99 Klebba
26 Elk Park Road Ponderosa Ridge Dr Cottonwood Canyon 0.98 Klebba
27 Mountain View Elk Park Road Westwood Drive 0.49 Wichterman
28 Westwood Drive     0.75 OPEN
29 Mountain View Westwood Drive Cottonwood Canyon 0.13 Wichterman
30 Mora Lane     0.33 OPEN
31 Cottonwood Canyon Mountain View W End 0.27 Beaver
32 Mountain View Cottonwood Canyon Meadow Ridge Lane 0.03 Wichterman
33 Meadow Ridge Lane     1.10 Beaver
34 Deer Trail Lane     0.25 OPEN
35 Squaw Creek Lane     0.33 Oetter
36 Fisher Peak Parkway Turkey Creek Lane Cottonwood Canyon 0.95 Kinder, R
37 Cottonwood Canyon Fisher Peak Parkway Elk Park Road 1.01 Dye/Beaver
38 Cottonwood Canyon Elk Park Road Elk Ridge Trail 0.22 Dye/Beaver
39 Elk Ridge Trail     1.16 Bob Dye
40 Eagle's Nest Overlook     0.38 OPEN
41 Cottonwood Canyon Elk Ridge Trail Turkey Creek Lane 0.70 Beaver
42 Turkey Creek Lane Cottonwood Canyon Antelope Run 1.45 Beaver
43 Antelope Run     0.40 Beaver
44 Turkey Creek Lane Antelope Run Fisher Peak Parkway 2.45 Beaver
45 Cottonwood Canyon Turkey Creek Lane Hiddenwood Lane 0.18 Beaver
46 Hiddenwood Lane     0.44 Beaver
47 Cottonwood Canyon Hiddenwood Lane Mountain View 0.63 Beaver
48 Mountain View Cottonwood Canyon Bear Paw Lane 0.71 Wichterman
49 Bear Paw Lane     0.18 Edholm
50 Mountain View Bear Paw Lane Timber Ridge Lane 0.54 Forch
51 Timber Ridge Lane     1.04 Eisley
52 Mountain View Timber Ridge Lane Cedar Ridge Lane 0.29 Forch
53 Cedar Ridge Lane     0.25 Kirkwood
54 Mountain View Cedar Ridge Lane Chipmunk Drive 0.15 Forch
55 Chipmunk Drive     0.50 Edholm
56 Mountain View Chipmunk Drive Conifer Drive 0.02 Wilson, R
57 Conifer Drive     0.52 Kirkwood
58 Mountain View Conifer Drive Porcupine Circle 0.59 Sharp
59 Porcupine Circle     0.35 Wilson, R
60 Mountain View Porcupine Circle Sunset Drive 0.07 Sharp
61 Sunset Drive     0.72 Forch
62 Mountain View Sunset Drive Currant Court 0.49 Wilson, R
63 Currant Court     0.24 Wilson, R
64 Mountain View Currant Court Ptarmigan Court 0.52 Nash
65 Ptarmigan Court     0.24 Wilson, R
66 Mountain View Ptarmigan Court Wild Plum Lane 0.45 Nash
67 Wild Plum Lane     0.36 Wilson, R
68 Mountain View Wild Plum Lane Tall Timber Trace 0.11 Wilson, R
69 Tall Timber Trace     0.98 Robinson, A.
70 Mountain View Tall Timber Trace Tall Oaks Drive 0.49 Kirkwood, J
71 Mountain View Tall Oaks Drive Bobcat Court 0.38 Chatelain/Kirkwood
72 Bobcat Court     0.35 Albert
73 Wild Wood Lane     0.34 Albert
74 Meadow Court     0.27 Albert
75 Mountain View Bobcat Court Tank 2 1.75 Kirkwood
76 Tall Oaks Drive Mountain View Gallinas Parkway 1.21 Kirkwood
77 Gallinas Parkway Tall Oaks Drive Engleman Court 1.28 Wilson, R
78 Engleman Court     0.78 Powell
79 Gallinas Parkway Engleman Circle Mountain Meadow OL 0.85 OPEN
80 Mountain Meadow OL     2.08 OPEN
81 Gallinas Parkway Mountain Meadow OL Fisher Peak Parkway 1.01 OPEN
82 Fisher Peak Parkway Gallinas Parkway Turkey Creek Lane 0.59 McBride
83 Fisher Peak Parkway Gallinas Parkway Old Mission Ridge 1.62 McBride
84 Old Mission Ridge Fisher Peak Parkway Timber Park Drive 0.96 Smith, Steve
85 Old Mission Ridge Timber Park Drive Timber Wolf Run 0.69 Allred
86 Old Mission Ridge Timber Wolf Run End 0.27 Allred
87 Timber Wolf Run Old Mission Ridge End 0.34 Allred
88 Timber Park Drive Old Mission Ridge Fox Trail 1.69 Smith, Steve
89 Fox Trail Timber Park Drive Hidden Meadow Lane 0.76 Ghormley
90 Hidden Meadow Lane     0.97 Allred
91 Fox Trail Hidden Meadow Lane Gallinas Parkway 2.21 Smith, Steve
92 Big Springs Overlook     0.47 Smith, Steve
93 Lariat Court     0.17 Smith, Steve
94 Timber Park Drive Fox Trail Fisher Peck Pkwy 0.31 Ghormley
95 Fisher Peak Parkway Timber Park Drive End 0.67 McBride
96 Fisher Peak Parkway Timber Park Drive Alpine Meadows Drive 1.27 McBride
97 Fisher Peak Parkway Alpine Meadows Drive Morley 1.41 McBride
98 Fisher Peak Parkway Old Mission Ridge Morley Meadows/R.R. 0.40 McBride
99 Alpine Meadows Drive Fisher Peak Parkway Yucca Court 3.86 OPEN
100 Yucca Court     0.20 OPEN
101 Alpine Meadows Drive Yucca Court Lodgepole Trace 0.53 OPEN
102 Lodgepole Trace     0.89 Marc & Sally Wilson
103 Alpine Meadows Drive Lodgepole Trace Juniper Overlook 0.34 Roundy
104 Juniper Overlook     0.18 Roundy
105 Alpine Meadows Drive Juniper Overlook Aspen Trail 0.39 Roundy
106 Alpine Meadows Drive Aspen Trail Timber Park Drive 0.07 Roundy
107 Aspen Trail     0.51 Kreiman
108 Timber Park Drive Alpine Meadows Drive Locust Court 0.05 Roundy/Smith, Steve
109 Locust Court     0.31 Roundy/Smith, Steve
110 Timber Park Drive Locust Court Alpine Meadows Drive 0.63 Roundy
111 Timber Park Drive Alpine Meadows Drive Gallinas Parkway 0.39 Roundy
112 Gallinas Parkway Timber Park Drive End 0.21 Roundy
113 Gallinas Parkway Timber Park Drive Squirrel Lane 0.21 Roundy
114 Squirrel Lane Gallinas Parkway Grey Fox Court 1.08 Roundy
115 Grey Fox Court     0.31 Roundy
116 Squirrel Lane Grey Fox Court Coyote Track Trail 0.43 Roundy
117 Coyote Track Trail Squirrel Lane Big Bear Dr 0.58 Roundy
118 Big Bear Coyote Track Trail End 0.12 Roundy
119 Coyote Track Trail   End 0.28 Roundy
120 Squirrel Lane Coyote Track Trail Puma Court 0.92 Roundy
121 Puma Court     0.08 Roundy
122 Squirrel Lane Puma Court End 0.22 Roundy
123 Gallinas Parkway Squirrel Lane Trail Ridge 0.89 Wilson, R
124 Trail Ridge Gallinas Parkway Fawn Court 0.08 OPEN
125 Fawn Court     0.30 OPEN
126 Trail Ridge Fawn Court End 0.78 OPEN
127 Gallinas Parkway Trail Ridge Tall Oaks Drive 1.40 Wilson, R
128 Fisher Peak Parkway Little Bear Drive N to End 0.75 Kinder, R