POA Community Preparedness Committee

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POA Community Preparedness Committee

The Community Preparedness Committee (CPC) is a formal group of SFTR residents acting with the authority of the POA Board of Directors to provide assistance in preparation for emergency situations on the ranch and update CPC-related content on the SFTR website. It also functions as liaison to area emergency response agencies. We encourage all residents to sign up for Las Animas County Emergency Alerts that are sent via the county's Reverse-911 services. Please go to COMMUNITY > REVERSE-911 on this website for more info and to register ALL of your phones.

The Community Preparedness Handbook was created and is maintained by the CPC to provide ranch property owners important information concerning emergencies that may occur on our ranch and the procedures you should follow regarding how these emergencies will be handled by the POA Board, Community Preparedness Committee and residents. All property owners and residents are strongly encouraged to download, print, and read this document BEFORE any emergency occurs. Keep a hard copy of this document available in case online access is unavailable during an emergency.

For more information, contact the chairperson of the Community Preparedness Committee.

Please See the SFTR Calendar for upcoming events:  www.SantaFeTrailRanch.com > Community > Calendar