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by Blake Johnson | May, 1 2022

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by Claudia Henning | April, 9 2024

Yes, indeed.  Our ranch will be blessed with bovine returning this May.

When are they arriving?  Beginning May 1st.  When are they leaving?   Gathering…

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by Bill Nielsen | April, 6 2024

Santa Fe Trail Ranch POA

Special Owners Meeting

Date:  June 1, 2024

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by John Gerald | February, 2 2024

Santa Fe Trail Ranch became a FIREWISE-certified community in 2006, and has renewed our certification every year since.

To better understand what that means, please go to the following link:…

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by John Gerald | January, 27 2024

The Importance of Security Applications and VPNs for Smartphone Users

Smartphones have become as powerful and functional as many computers, making them a prime target for cyber threats⁵⁶. Here are some reasons why installing security applications on your smartphone is crucial:

  1. Protection Against Cyber Threats:
    Security applications protect your smartphone from various cyber threats such as…
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by Bill Latham | January, 27 2024

For Christmas we received a wonderful gift of safety. I wanted to pass the idea onto all our neighbors. Our usual preparedness focus has been related to fire outside our homes. Are you aware that 48% of all home fires start in the kitchen? Many of you may have fire extinguishers at the ready-great practice! However, a fire blanket located near your stove can be deplored quickly, easily and with no mess in the event of a kitchen fire. Pull it…

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by Claudia Henning | November, 27 2023

Did you know that both companies are listed with the NYSE and have a multibillion dollar value? They both were created to provide a social discourse among neighbors and friends while receiving earnings from advertising and post boosting, which provides revenue for the stockholders.

The evolution of NextDoor is following the same path as Facebook as growth continues to increase nationwide. As with most new ventures, changes have…

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by Claudia Henning | November, 25 2023

Santa Fe Trail Ranch got together on November 4th to celebrate “Road Trips” at the Metro Operation Center. The event was catered by our favorite restaurateur, Jay Gonzalez, of the Las Animas Grill, with his famous smoked brisket, served two ways (Texas style) with Vegetarian Lasagna plus two different types of potatoes, Cowboy Beans and more!

John Gerald, Chair of the Communication Committee, featured many ranchers and their road…

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by John Gerald | November, 25 2023

As property owners on Santa Fe Trail Ranch, we live in an area that is susceptible to the threat of wildfires.

So how do we stay prepared and monitor when there is a fire in our general area?


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by admin | November, 21 2023

Provided by Ryan Cavazos and Claudia Henning

In the wake of a spirited electoral process, we bring you an overview of the November 7th, 2023 election results for Las Animas County and the City of Trinidad. The citizens have spoken, and their votes will shape the landscape of local governance. This off-cycle voter turnout came in at just under 48% with 5033 votes cast out of 10,582 total registered voters.

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