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by Blake Johnson | May, 1 2022

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by Michael Hughes | March, 10 2023

Over the past 20-some years there have been many potentially catastrophic events on the SFTR, most of them similar to the event of June 7, 2018. Way back in 2001, the ranch experienced it’s first…

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by Kenneth Dixon | January, 12 2023

Your Forest Health and Wildfire Mitigation (FHWM) Committee is developing our plans for 2023.  Our mitigation efforts place emphasis on clearing areas heavy in fuel while also providing safety corridors along our roads, especially on those intersections which have limited visibility.

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by Claudia Henning | November, 15 2022

The Fall SFTR Dinner was attended by the highest number of ranchers to date! It couldn’t have happened without the amazing volunteers of the Women’s Group (WG).  Discussions regarding food and themes started back in August with “Chuck Wagon on SFTR” being the…

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by Carlin Craig | November, 11 2022

We normally don't send Tom (plow operator) out until we have 6 inches of snow and the storm has ended. As you probably know, the Ranch can get varied amounts from one end to the other. Six inches is hard to judge at times if the wind is blowing and creating drifts. I get a snow report from several residents and then confer with Tom to develop the plan of attack.

We plow the main roads first and then move on to other…

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by Ernest Parker | September, 23 2022

Introduction by Carol Rawle

Back in the very early history of the Communications Committee, while we were trying our darndest to develop a web site, we had to make do with a paper newsletter called THE RANCH REVIEW. One of the regular features was "Profiles in Ranch History" where we featured someone who had made an important contribution to our ranch. Two of the articles…

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by Carol Rawle | July, 5 2022

Ranch residents expect to see our dumpsters packed full by holiday visitors, but seeing several dumpsters topped off with tree and brush clippings today means that some of us need to reread Carol's article.

Every once in a while, I open the dumpster lid to dispose of my trash, and I’m looking at a dumpster full of…..pine needles and dead twigs and pine cones and weeds. Ah, it appears that the…

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by Ernest Parker | July, 4 2022

When I was building our house, I learned a very important lesson regarding lightning.  It didn’t have to strike the house; this lesson happened with lightning strikes at least a half-mile away.

I was working on the east wall of the living room; at this point in the…

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by admin | June, 30 2022

As of 6/30/2022, the ONLY valid mailing address for payments to and correspondence with the Santa Fe Trail Ranch Property Owner's Association is:

33712 Mountain View Dr
Trinidad, CO 81082

The previous P.O, Box has been closed, so please ignore any reference to it in documents on this website.

Our volunteers are working to update those…

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by Carol Smith | May, 3 2022

A Special POA Board meeting was held Tuesday, July 13, 2021 for the purpose of discussing in executive session, legal advise given concerning a lawsuit filed against SFTR. See the minutes at Special POA Board Meeting - 13 July 2021 for details.

UPDATED 28 July 2021…

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