New Owner Info:
A Guide for New Property Owners

Santa Fe Trail Ranch
New Owners Info

Welcome To Santa Fe Trail Ranch

The following is the introduction from the Property Owner Information document prepared as a guide to ranch life for new owners:

"Welcome to Santa Fe Trail Ranch, a community of people who have moved here from all over the United States and a few countries beyond. Regardless of place of origin or reason for buying land on this ranch, you’ll find that all property owners share a strong sense of adventure, a love of nature, and an appreciation for peace and privacy not possible in most other areas.

As a community, governed by covenants, and managed by an elected Board of Directors, we work together to take care of our ranch and to handle common challenges, such as wildland fires and noxious weeds. Many in our community are active in the surrounding communities, both as volunteers and as members of civic organizations. Many in our community are artists or are skilled in crafts and construction. We tend to share our talents and learn from each other. Many in our community came here to be alone and enjoy the opportunity to be left alone. All of us, either full or part-time residents, feel we have a little piece of heaven here.

We are pleased to have you join our community."


Santa Fe Trail Ranch:

Santa Fe Trail Ranch is a covenant protected, private community, protected with by-laws that are voted upon by the resident landowners with covenants that serve the best interest of the residents and landowners. We take pride in our community and protect it and care for it every day.