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Santa Fe Trail Ranch
Property Owners Association

Upcoming Board Meetings

The following information is correct for the current Property Owners Association board term: October 2023 through October 2024.

SFTR POA Board Meetings are held at the Metro Operations Center located on the ranch at 33712 Mountain View.

Meetings start at 9am unless otherwise specified, but meeting dates, times, and locations are subject to change with 72 hour notice.

Regular Board Meetings Annual Meeting
12/2/2023 10/5/2024


POA Formation

"The Property Owners Association was created by the developer and codified in the Covenants he also created. In the early days, he was in control of the POA, but as lots were sold and the voting rights of new property owners outnumbered the developer's, the POA became an active organization for the management of our ranch.

The business of the Association is managed by the elected Board of Directors. Any change to our structuring and regulations can only be made by an owner vote modifying the Covenants.

Owners are encouraged to become active in Committee endeavors and are invited to attend and observe Board meetings. With the Board's approval, they are allowed to make statements concerning their opinions of Board matters.

Board meetings are limited to Board business."

- Robert L. Scott, POA President

The Santa Fe Trail Ranch Property Owners Association (SFTR POA) is governed by the documents below.


Santa Fe Trail Ranch:

Santa Fe Trail Ranch is a covenant protected, private community, protected with by-laws that are voted upon by the resident landowners with covenants that serve the best interest of the residents and landowners. We take pride in our community and protect it and care for it every day.