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by admin | May, 21 2021

If you're not logging in, you're missing some of the new content and features created just for you. Follow the instructions in the article PROPERTY OWNER USER GUIDE FOR NEW SFTR WEBSITE to join us!

by Blake Johnson | September, 27 2020

Property Owner User Guide:  see attached PDF

by Blake Johnson | December, 8 2020

The attached PDF describes the tax credit you are eligible for if you perform Mitigation efforts on your property 

by Blake Johnson | December, 7 2020

The attached PDF details the recommendation forest thinning  from The Colorado State Forest Service. 

by Blake Johnson | November, 24 2020

The attached PDF profiles some of the individuals in the early days of the ranch.  Their tireless volunteering, foresight and skills were instrumental in laying the groundwork for the community we know today.

by Carol Rawle | November, 23 2020


As the…

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by Carol Rawle | November, 19 2020

Every once in a while, I open the dumpster lid to dispose of my trash, and I’m looking at a dumpster full of…..pine needles and dead twigs and pine cones and weeds. Ah, it appears that the Ranch has new people and they're trying to adjust from city living to mountain living.

Living in the city, people are trained, even threatened with fines, to keep their property cleaned up. Rake those leaves, pull those weeds, prune those…

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by Blake Johnson | November, 15 2020

The attached PDF explains what a Firewise community is and its purpose.

by admin | November, 8 2020

Ever wonder what it was like back in the earlier days of SFTR?

This 52-page PDF contains part 1 of a 2 part compilation of issues of The Bare Facts, an SFTR newsletter published by Joyce Wolff and other volunteers from April 1997 to February 1999. See part 2 for the remaining issues.

Thanks to Michael Hughes and Pat Roehl for keeping this part of SFTR history alive.