POA Weed Control Committee

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POA Weed Control Committee

Santa Fe Trail Ranch has a legacy of aggressively controlling noxious weeks that can invade ranch property and rob the land of precious moisture. The ranch provides herbicide that effectively controls various types of thistle, Mexican locust, Hounds tongue, and Mullen when properly applied. The herbicide is available to property owners in early spring and can be applied throughout the growing season.

Many property owners graciously volunteer to patrol assigned ranch road segments apply herbicide as needed to control noxious weeks. As with all chemicals personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks are recommended when applying this material.

SFTR resident Carol Rawle just published a very informative article "A Thistle Wildfire" in Articles->Plants &  Gardening.

For more info and to sign up as volunteers, see the article "Weed Control Volunteers" in Articles->Plants & Gardening.

For more information about noxious or invasive weeds that are problematic in Las Animas County, click on the attached Noxious Weed Guide.