Snow Plowing Criteria

We normally don't send Tom (plow operator) out until we have 6 inches of snow and the storm has ended. As you probably know, the Ranch can get varied amounts from one end to the other. Six inches is hard to judge at times if the wind is blowing and creating drifts. I get a snow report from several residents and then confer with Tom to develop the plan of attack.

We plow the main roads first and then move on to other roads as required depending on accumulation. Tom can usually complete the main roads on day one and continue to the remainder on day 2 as needed. If we have a heavy snow, Heath Andreatta, our contractor, can usually man a second plow to assist.

Colorado weather can be unforgiving, so we wish to remind all owners to keep abreast of weather forecasts and ensure that you stock up on food, supplies, and medications.

If you have more questions, please contact the Road Committee by following the contact information which can be found on the SFTR website under “Contact” and “Committees”.