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by admin | August, 30 2020


Santa Fe Trail Ranch had its First Dusting of Snow
Monday, November 6, 2000
by Harriet Vaugeois

Snow started falling in the early hours and continued throughout the day. The sun broke through the low and heavily laden clouds a couple of times, but never long enough to move the temperature much above freezing. For those who had time to enjoy it, the snow…

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by admin | August, 24 2020

Posted with permission of Legends of

The Maxwell Land Grant, also known as the Beaubien-Miranda Land Grant, was a 1,714,765-acre Spanish grant that was the largest ever made in what would become the United States.  Santa Fe Trail Ranch was part of that grant.

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by admin | August, 11 2020

(This article was originally submitted to the SFTR website by Bob Scott in 2018. Stay tuned for updates.)

Late 1800’s - Colorado Fuel and Iron bought the property to develop and extract coal for the coking ovens in Cokedale.

1970-1980? - The Pettigrew-Moritz Trust bought the property from CF&I.

Late 1980’s? - Charles Baldwin made an arrangement with the Pettigrew-Moritz Trust to develop and sell…

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by admin | August, 7 2020

This article was written by Kristen Spinning in 2001 about Morley, Santa Fe Trail Ranch's very own ghost town. It includes an interview with Matthew Krumpotik, who was born in Morley in 1925, as well as historic photos from a National Geographic article from August 1929.

by admin | August, 7 2020

In March 2019, Bob Scott wrote this construction progress update about the Metro Building on SFTR.

by admin | January, 1 2008

Burning Memories
by Ed Hockett
January 2008


The New Year is obligatorily a time for reflection.  This year my annual reflections began in November as I sat in my car mired in the dry creek bed under the Gas Well Canyon railroad bridge.  My first reflection was how thankful I am for the eternal good will of Ed Gieske and Mike and MaryJo Shelton…

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by admin | July, 10 2005

A Rude Awakening
by Ed Hockett

July 10, 2005

I was asleep.  I was sleeping peacefully because I believe there are so many firefighters on the ranch that we will spot fires immediately, reach them quickly, and have the manpower to extinguish them before they can spread.


ZZZZZZZ.  Sugar plums are dancing in my head. …

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by admin | June, 21 2001

Gene Downs takes some novice firefighters into the action to fight a blaze on the Ranch. An exciting tale told by a grateful participant. This article was "reprinted" on the original SFTR website to honor Gene on the news of his passing.


Mike and I fought our first fire last night with our good friend Gene Downs and would like to do something to honor him and all of his hard work and contributions to/for the SFTR.  He…

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