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by admin | May, 21 2021

If you're not logging in, you're missing some of the new content and features created just for you. Follow the instructions in the article PROPERTY OWNER USER GUIDE FOR NEW SFTR WEBSITE to join us!

by Blake Johnson | September, 27 2020

Property Owner User Guide:  see attached PDF

by Carol Rawle | November, 19 2020

Every once in a while, I open the dumpster lid to dispose of my trash, and I’m looking at a dumpster full of…..pine needles and dead twigs and pine cones and weeds. Ah, it appears that the Ranch has new people and they're trying to adjust from city living to mountain living.

Living in the city, people are trained, even threatened with fines, to keep their property cleaned up. Rake those leaves, pull those weeds, prune those…

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by admin | August, 30 2020

(Posted on the SFTR website in November 2000)

Let's Keep SFTR Clean

Ongoing information from the Common Area Appearance Subcommittee

by Harriet Vaugeois, subcommittee leader

Since we humans have chosen to move into the pristine area now called The Santa Fe Trail Ranch, we have necessarily and unnecessarily made some…

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by admin | August, 5 2020

Our Women's Group coordinates the production and sale of SFTR Logowear that is sold at ranch events to fund ranch projects. The current catalog of items is linked below. Contact Shannon Youngquist at (303) 229-1383 or @email for more information.

by admin | August, 5 2020

This useful Frequently Asked Questions document (see link to PDF) was previously made available by the Las Animas County Building Department.

For contact info and many other valuable downloads including their latest building standards, applications for building permits, etc., visit their website at:…

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by admin | August, 5 2020

A property-tax exemption is available to senior citizens, surviving spouses of senior citizens, and one hundred percent disabled veterans.  For those who qualify, 50 percent of the first $200,000 in actual value of their primary residence is exempted from property taxation.  The state pays the exempted portion of the property tax. 

The Property Tax Exemption for seniors and one hundred percent disabled veterans is administered by the…

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