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by Claudia Henning | April, 9 2024

Yes, indeed.  Our ranch will be blessed with bovine returning this May.

When are they arriving?  Beginning May 1st.  When are they leaving?   Gathering…

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by admin | August, 2 2021

On March 6, 2021 at the SFTR MOC, Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Manager Bob Holder gave an extremely informative presentation about wildlife in our area. 

Click HERE to watch a recording of the presentation.

by admin | October, 18 2020

Many of us are from parts of the country where we didn't encounter snakes that pose a threat. As there have been several discussions this year (2020), it compels me to offer some insights in to dangerous snakes. The rattle snakes we encounter on the Ranch are usually Prairie Rattlers.  They are a small species of Rattle Snakes, usually 3 ft or less in length. However their small size doesn't make them less dangerous.  The following is an…

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by admin | August, 23 2020

This is a link to the Colorado CPW web site.  Living with Wildlife:

by admin | July, 21 2020

Though we rarely see them, they are here.  Mountain Lions are here and abundant.  They are very reclusive animals.  It is a special event to see them.  Though they poise a danger, much to their delight they have an abundance of natural prey on the ranch.  An adult mountain Lion may consume up to a deer every 2 days.  They prefer fresh meat, the bears don't care.  They usually clean up the left-overs . 

Most of their prowling/hunting…

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by admin | July, 17 2020

Bears are very opportunistic animals and we have an abundance of them.  

Bears are thought to have the best sense of smell of any animal on earth. For example, the average dog's sense of smell is 100 times better than a humans. A blood hound's is 300 times better. A bear's sense of smell is 7 times better than a blood hound's or 2,100 times better than a human.

For that reason, it is important to…

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