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by admin | November, 7 2020

Ever wonder what it was like back in the earlier days of SFTR?

This 41-page PDF contains part 2 of a 2 part compilation of issues of The Bare Facts, an SFTR newsletter published by Joyce Wolff and other volunteers from April 1997 to February 1999. See part 1 for the remaining issues.

Thanks to Michael Hughes and Pat Roehl for keeping this part of SFTR history alive. 

by admin | October, 18 2020

 Many of us are from parts of the country where we didn't encounter snakes that pose a threat. As there have been several discussions this year (2020), it compels me to offer some insights in to dangerous snakes. The rattle snakes we encounter on the Ranch are usually Prairie Rattlers.  They are a small species of Rattle Snakes, usually 3 ft or less in length. However their small size doesn't make them less dangerous.  The following is an…

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by Blake Johnson | October, 18 2020

The attached PDF from the Colorado State Forest Service provides information on Construction Design and Materials.

by Blake Johnson | October, 18 2020

The attached PDF from the Colorado State Forest Service provides recommendations for land owner's role in fire prevention.

by admin | October, 2 2020

The following doocument was written by Bob Scott for the property owners in 2007.





There have been and continue to be numerous questions, misunderstandings, and misgivings about the…

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by admin | August, 30 2020

This is a map of the SFTR Metro Water System Tank service areas.

Locate your property to determine which tank is supplying your water.

See the Alerts on the front page of this website for planned maintenance and emergencies that may affect your water service.

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by admin | August, 30 2020


Santa Fe Trail Ranch had its First Dusting of Snow
Monday, November 6, 2000
by Harriet…

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by admin | August, 30 2020

(Posted on the SFTR website in November 2000)

Let's Keep SFTR Clean

Ongoing information from the Common Area Appearance Subcommittee

by Harriet Vaugeois, subcommittee leader

Since we humans have chosen to move into the pristine area now called The Santa Fe Trail Ranch, we have necessarily and unnecessarily made some…

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by admin | August, 28 2020

We have been full-time residents here on the Ranch now for almost 2 years.  Moving here from MN we figured we would be able to continue the gardening we had back in MN. Well, thanks to Bob Dye we learned gardening is way different here.

Soil Temperature must be kept warm.  We have intense sunshine, but the evening temps go low.  The ability to enclose your growing area is important for the following reasons:

  • Hail is…
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by admin | August, 24 2020

Posted with permission of Legends of

The Maxwell Land Grant, also known as the Beaubien-Miranda Land Grant, was a 1,714,765-acre Spanish grant that was the largest ever made in what would become the United States.  Santa Fe Trail Ranch was part of that grant.

The following link will bring you to the story:

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