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by John Gerald | January, 27 2024

The Importance of Security Applications and VPNs for Smartphone Users

Smartphones have become as powerful and functional as many computers, making them a prime target for cyber threats⁵⁶. Here are some reasons why installing security applications on your smartphone is crucial:

  1. Protection Against Cyber Threats:
    Security applications protect your smartphone from various cyber threats such as…
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by Bill Latham | January, 27 2024

For Christmas we received a wonderful gift of safety. I wanted to pass the idea onto all our neighbors. Our usual preparedness focus has been related to fire outside our homes. Are you aware that 48% of all home fires start in the kitchen? Many of you may have fire extinguishers at the ready-great practice! However, a fire blanket located near your stove can be deplored quickly, easily and with no mess in the event of a kitchen fire. Pull it…

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by John Gerald | November, 25 2023

As property owners on Santa Fe Trail Ranch, we live in an area that is susceptible to the threat of wildfires.

So how do we stay prepared and monitor when there is a fire in our general area?


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by Carlin Craig | November, 11 2022

We normally don't send Tom (plow operator) out until we have 6 inches of snow and the storm has ended. As you probably know, the Ranch can get varied amounts from one end to the other. Six inches is hard to judge at times if the wind is blowing and creating drifts. I get a snow report from several residents and then confer with Tom to develop the plan of attack.

We plow the main roads first and then move on to other…

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by Ernest Parker | July, 4 2022

When I was building our house, I learned a very important lesson regarding lightning.  It didn’t have to strike the house; this lesson happened with lightning strikes at least a half-mile away.

I was working on the east wall of the living room; at this point in the…

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by admin | July, 30 2021

On June 13, 2021 at the SFTR MOC, wildland firefighter Ryan Theler gave an extremely informative presentation about prevention and preparedness in case of wildfires in our area. 

Click HERE to watch a recording of the presentation.

by Blake Johnson | December, 8 2020

The attached PDF describes the tax credit you are eligible for if you perform Mitigation efforts on your property 

by Blake Johnson | December, 7 2020

The attached PDF details the recommendation forest thinning  from The Colorado State Forest Service. 

by Blake Johnson | November, 15 2020

The attached PDF explains what a Firewise community is and its purpose.

by Blake Johnson | October, 18 2020

The attached PDF from the Colorado State Forest Service provides information on Construction Design and Materials.